Kubuntu Product Backlog

Roman Shtylman shtylman at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 03:52:56 BST 2010

I have started a new wiki page. In agile software development land
this type of page can be referred to as a product backlog. This is
basically a giant TODO list that is independent of any release and
contains items that are decided by the product owner (Riddell I
suppose :p ). Items are added to the backlog and task lists can be
created by item priority. I have looked through the UDS notes (that I
could find and make sense of) and added them to the backlog. Please
remember that the backlog is NOT a wishlist or an idea board; it is a
list of things we have (at one point or another) deemed we need

I know we have TODO lists for every release but that is different from
the backlog. In software dev terms, think of the release TODO list as
the "sprint" todo list while the backlog is the lifetime running list
of "stuff needing done".

While considering the backlog, if you are *ACTIVELY* working on a
particular item please feel free to add your name (irc or otherwise)
next to it. This doesn't mean someone else can't finish the item, but
at least we will have a point of contact for someone with interest in
the item. Remember, you don't have to do everything, just be there to
point people in the right direction and follow up on the tasks.

If people are violently opposed to this idea please respond back and
let me know... but otherwise I think this page will be a good place to
maintain a list of the things we hope to accomplish in short bullet



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