Pulseaudio on Maverick 10.10 (Daniel Chen)

Craig Brashear rcbpage621 at netscape.com
Thu Oct 14 21:19:32 BST 2010


This was a clean install to a separate HD, it was not an upgrade.
I only used my existing /home drive as home.

I don't think it's a kernel specific issue, just the way it was configured,
and built. I have the same kernel version on a Slackware partition and
the sound
and permissions all work just fine (Not Pulse) and a clean vanilla KDE
And the Parallels VM stuff works great.
And no I did not tweak any of the 10.10 install files, I installed by
the numbers, just like
a normal user would. With the exception I wiped and repartitioned the
drive with
a new MBR prior to the install to simulate a brand new drive.

This was a fresh download of the 10.10 distro from the Kubuntu site, if
it's out of
date someone needs to look at that. (downloaded via Ktorrent 10-11-10)

Not being a sound driver guy, all I can do is complain and file a bug
report, if I
got into the guts of a sound driver I would be lost, and so would the



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