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David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
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Hi Valter,

Thanks for your e-mail on Kubuntu Translations.

I'm away for a few days and I won't be able to answer in detail until
next week, but in the meantime I'm forwarding your e-mail to the
translators list.


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Assumpte: Strings not translated in Kubuntu 10.10 RC
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Hi All,

I suppose it is not the time to write down here this notes, and probably this 
could be matter of discussion for a new translation plan, if any. And how 
useful they are.

I tried the Kubuntu Maverick 10.10 CD live and i found that the Italian 
interface and guide still have problems with translations.

Some parts of the System Settings subdialogs are still in English and the 
Kubuntu System Doc, also.

Kubuntu System Doc is translated, AFAIK, because I have translated them. Why 
are translation not inserted?

Is it necessary to open a bug for that or not? 


I suppose this gap is due to the different KDE upstream branch Launchpad takes 
the po files from.
Because KDE splits between stable and trunk (and several of them are still in 
playground), and Kubuntu uses apps from both of them (e.g., read 
"Kpackagekit", it's 2 years I cannot obtain get its complete translation, even 
if I'm always translating it), it is very difficult to get a complete 
The other reason is, obviously, the difference between release dates :-)

So I wonder: is it possible to have a system that warns the Ubuntu approved 
translators when a po file change?
Better if an user, with a number of po files subscriptions, could receive a 
sort of "digest" of the changes to his/her email address.

Another question: is it possible to have the source indication for files that 
have been picked upstream? This will facilitate enormously some our tasks, 
such as going to see if a file is only Launchpad-related or also, in our case, 

Thanks for the attention, ciao
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