the ibus-kde IM requires plasma-widget-kimpanel and ibus-gtk but they are not installed

Pan Shi Zhu pan.shizhu at
Fri Oct 8 07:46:56 BST 2010

ibus-kde is an input method in package: plasma-widget-kimpanel-backend-ibus

It require the following:
1. kimpanel plasma widget present in the kde panel.
2. ibus-gtk package installed in order to show icons correctly.

Currently, Kubuntu choose ibus-kde as the default input method but kimpanel
is not in the panel, and ibus-gtk package is not installed.

We may have two choices to resolve this problem:
1. add ibus-gtk as the dependency of kimpanel and put kimpanel in kubuntu
panel by default.
2. or just use ibus instead of ibus-kde. which does not have any dependency.
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