Kontact Testing with Kolabsys

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 30 23:31:46 GMT 2010

I had a meeting with Paul Adams of Kolabsys.  

Currently we expect to ship KDE PIM 4.4.  But there is the option of
shipping KDE PIM 4.6 with it's Akonadified KMail.

Kolabsys has offered to test our 4.6 packages.  We can use the results
of their testing to decide if we should ship with 4.6 or to keep it in
a PPA.

4.6 is due for tagging on Wednesday, January 19th.  Paul has pencilled
in doing his testing on Fri 21st and Sat 22nd.  So we should be sure
to package KDE PIM by the Friday.  We should also have people around
to help confirm and triage problems found.

A second round of testing can be done on Friday 18th Feb and Sat 19th,
in tine for a decision on shipping 4.6 or not before Feature Freeze.
We should make packages of current branch KDE PIM for this date.

Packaging bugs should go into Launchpad.  KDE bugs into bugs.kde.org.
High priority upstream bugs might be useful to have in linked in Launchpad too
if they are blockers to us switching to 4.6 for example, milestoned to
feature freeze.

I emphasised the need for testing upgrades from Kontact 4.4.


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