debugging and conf file location

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at
Tue Nov 9 15:06:17 GMT 2010

Anyone remember why we have QT_NO_DEBUG set but we still get debug
output (some turned on by default)?

As a separate issue, maybe we should move our config files to


13:01 < dfaure> Riddell: do you disable debug output by default in
kubuntu? You could add a
13:03 < dfaure> Riddell: I added this (in 4.4 maybe) so that debug
output is not removed at compile time anymore, but can be enabled on
13:08 < dfaure> he thinks it should be off by default and developers
should turn it on in kdebugdialog. But to me this is wrong, it's
"providing api that doesn't work" and leaving
                developers confused.
13:09 < dfaure> my idea is that distros should turn it off, but this
way a self-compiled kdelibs trunk would still default to on.
13:09 < Riddell> dfaure: but your suggestion to me is to do just that
n'est pas?  DisableAll=true is off by default and developers can turn
it on
13:09 < dfaure> Well .... not on kubuntu
13:10 < dfaure> Riddell: if you provide a /usr/share/config/kdebugrc,
then a self-compiled kdelibs in $HOME/kde would still default to on.
13:11 < Riddell> dfaure: maybe we should just move to using
/usr/share/config/, I wonder if adding
/usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings adds to startup times anyway
13:12 < dfaure> Chani: yes but Riddell is right, the problem is
"packaged kdelibs with self-compiled app on top" ....
13:12 < dfaure> Riddell: I would very much like that, yes. It's really
odd when a "clean upstream self-compiled konqueror" stlil shows the
kubuntu customizations because of that 
                kubuntu-default-settings stuff...

13:23 < dfaure> Riddell: QT_NO_DEBUG should make the debug output
disabled by default (but still compiled in)

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