partitionmanager in Live CD

David Wonderly david.wonderly at
Mon Nov 1 20:55:53 GMT 2010

On Monday, November 01, 2010 11:28:18 am Rafael Belmonte wrote:
> Hello friends.
> I want to open a discussion about including partitionmanager in the
> Kubuntu Live CD. There have been some chatting about this on
> #kubuntu-devel IRC and these conclusions were made:
> In favor:
> - A KDE partitionning tool would be very useful in the Live CD.
> Against:
> - partitionmanager is not a very tested application and this kind of
> software like a partition manager should be reliable for us.
> I can say that the few times I have used partitionmanager, it did its
> work well, but, of course, more testing should be done in depth.
> I offer myself to do some testing over partitionmanager, and open to
> ideas to test or some testcases to run.

I would like to toss my +1 into this idea. When I use the LiveCD I normally 
install it anyway but to have it as an option would be awesome. I've used it 
quite a bit and I have yet to see any issues with it.


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