colibri notifications

Markus Slopianka markus.s at
Mon Nov 1 19:46:29 GMT 2010

Am Montag 01 November 2010, 18:55:43 schrieb Roman Shtylman:

> The basic question is, do we, or do we not, enable colibri
> notifications by default? Do we have user feedback about this? Should
> we do more to make it clear you can enable colibri style
> notifications?

Kubuntu does not use Colibri but Atayana (or whatever it's called) notifications. Kubuntu 
patches a few bits of kdebase for this. Colibri is based on the same code but works 
without patching. Colibri is not a KDE project (yet) but I think it should be moved into 
KDE Extragear. KDE SC should, IMO, ship with a KCM that allows selecting different 
notification systems and Kubuntu should move away from Atayana towards Colibri.

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