colibri notifications

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Nov 1 18:26:05 GMT 2010

On Monday, November 01, 2010 01:55:43 pm Roman Shtylman wrote:
> I dunno if a decision was reached on this at UDS, but I am gonna drag
> this back up. I don't think we can wait on upstream here as their
> views seem to diverge from ours in this area.
> The basic question is, do we, or do we not, enable colibri
> notifications by default? Do we have user feedback about this? Should
> we do more to make it clear you can enable colibri style
> notifications?

Personally, I don't like either one and would like to see evolution towards 
something in between.  I think if we switch to Collabri by default that will 
complicate the discussion with upstream.  I am strongly opposed to a 
notification system that has no support for actions.

If you could translate "I like Collabri better" into a functional statement of 
the things you like about it that are better, then I think that would be a 
useful document to have to engage in a discussion with upstream.

Scott K

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