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Subject: Kubuntu Netbook Edition
Date: Sunday, 23. May 2010, 12:54:01
From: Sabine Emmy Eller <s.eller at voxhumanitatis.org>
To: apachelogger at ubuntu.com

Hi :-)

Trying several distros for my Asus eee PC ss101h the Kubuntu Netbook Edition
was the only one that worked, I don't know about the integrated webcam

Anyways there are some strange things: working on a software manual (writing
it) I needed to make screenshots and afterwards modify them. Most people use
The Gimp to do this, but to my very surprise it is not among the software
you can install through the user interface. Being not particularly skilled
in how to do such stuff, I didn't immediately know how to install it. It
then came out that it had to be installed using sudo apt-get and I had the
luck to find someone who helped me with that. But then the next surprise:
even if The Gimp now is installed, it is not integrated among the graphics
software one can choose. Therefore it needs to be started from command line.
Now for me it is easy to learn that coming from very old DOS 2.11, but for
99% of ordinary users like  me this is a REAL problem.

Our association cares about less resourced cultures and some time ago we had
the question from a governmental institution (is under non disclosure,
therefore I may not say who) on what distro would be fine for netbooks for
schools ... well then we did not have an immediate answer, but now this
netbook edition could be the answer, provided that we can make sure that the
end user does not have problems like I had.

Right now I have been searching for KOffice, since it is time to go away
from OpenOffice.org having it been bought by Ocracle: I can't find it in the
software installation section, just like yesterday The Gimp. As search sting
I used "KOffice, koffice, Koffice" in text search and under various groups
(KDE Desktop for example) - no way to get a search result. The software and
widget and whatever list is endless, so how to find this software? Again
apt-get? but then again: who knows how to do that? Not a normal user. Can
you help in some way to make work productive? I'll have other stuff to
install ... and right now I am really worried where all this is going. I was
so happy to get rid of windows XP here ... but now ... hmmmm ...

Generally the edition looks nice and is quite easy to navigate - just not to
only complain :-) it's already great work done, but missing quite some bits
here and there.

Thanks for any hint :-)


Sabine Emmy Eller
CCO - Vox Humanitatis
s.eller at voxhumanitatis.org
skype: sabinecretella

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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