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> I use the opportunity to tell about my experience...
> On kontact start, akonadi is never starting properly, so that I can't
> access to my contact, never... I have to go to akonadi manager and stop
> (because the apps says it is working ?!), and start again akonadi... Then
> kontact automatically detects that akonadi is on, and displays my
> contacts... Then, second issue, when I write a email from kmail, the
> addresses are not displayed, only recent addresses, not the one from the
> address book....

Please, quote correctly... :-)

Well, this is another problem: you have to go to System Settings/Advanced 
tab/KDE resources and point to the new addressbook(s) you created from Akonadi 
configuration dialog (supposing you are running the Akonadi tray; I used the UI 
for all of this), adding and enabling them and disabling, but not deleting 
(for safety reasons), the old ones you find in there.
And you need to have a running Nepomuk.

This is the message I posted in Kubuntu Users MList:
First of all, I put the Akonadi tray in my System tray and I start Akonadi 
from there. It gets me a warning regarding the outgoing messages folder not 
found, but I don't care, I suppose it checks in .local/share/local-mail and 
Kmail currently uses another path and folder (.kde/share/apps/ect, ect).

The problem with the "addressbook": opening the config dialog with right click 
on the Akonadi tray, I went in the tab "Akonadi resource config" and "added" a 
new Akonadi addressbook resource pointing to .local/share/contacts for my 
personal contacts. Then I needed to create other addressbooks different from my 
personal one, so I create another "akonadi_vcarddir_resource" inside the 
dialog pointing to .local/share/contacts/name_of_folder_you_want, and after 
adding in it (I renamed it within Kaddressbook inside Kontact) from within 
Kmail the addresses. And again for my other addressbooks... You will find the 
new folders you created inside .local/share/contacts.
Now Akonadi doesn't show anymore, as per my experience, the annoying error 
One more thing: I had a problem in choosing, after that, the addresses from 
the "To" or the "Cc" field inside a new or reply message. I resolved changing 
(adding) the new resources I created from System settings/Advanced/Kde 
Resources, activating them and setting my new Personal Contacts addressbook as 

I got also, always in the Akonadi check report, an error regarding "Resource 
Agents not found": I resolved it, hopefully, by adding the string:


to the file user-dirs.dirs in .config folder (in my file that item wasn't 

all of these operations can be done as normal user and not as root, so it is 
very simple to work with them.

Hopefully useful for you.

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