Meeting Minutes (KOfficeUserReview)

Patrick Dickey pdickeybeta at
Wed Mar 31 18:42:53 BST 2010

On Tue, 30 Mar 2010 21:43:57 +0100
kubuntu-devel-request at wrote:

> > == KOfficeUserReview ==
> > 
> > apachelogger said he wanted a survey of KOffice to see if it is
> > ready to replace Open Office.  It was suggested to do this around
> > the KOffice 2.2 release
> KOffice 2.2 will not be end-user ready, according to the koffice team
> and my own gauging.

If you're looking for people to try out KOffice 2.2, let me know.  I'd
be more than willing to give it a go.  I've already got some ideas that
I'd like to see added to either it or OpenOffice (assuming they're not
in it already).

Have a great day:)

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