updated Netbook to Lucid -- NetworkManager is disabled

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 17:11:07 GMT 2010

On Monday 22 March 2010 11:04:47 pm Divan Santana wrote:
> On Monday 22 March 2010 20:44:16 Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> > I have the same problem, and yes, network-manager is running.  At least,
> > it's  running enough for me to be able to stop it and for iwconfig to not
> > work til I do so!
> Me too, Here was the fix for me.
> sudo service network-manager stop
> cd  /var/lib/NetworkManager/
> sudo rm NetworkManager.state
> sudo service network-manager start

was false instead of true in there, yeah.  I suspect on mine it's because I 
hit the rfkill button.  Rebooting should reset the rfkill button (it used to) 
but it appears not to.

So after doing what you said I am left with KNM only offering "create new 
wireless network" and not displaying available networks at all (no, the option 
to choose a different network is not there).

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo

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