Kubuntu has no integration of XDG directories in file manager.

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 23 22:46:22 GMT 2010

Am Dienstag, 23. März 2010 14:57:46 schrieb Pan Shi Zhu:
> On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 4:59 PM, Harald Sitter <apachelogger at ubuntu.com> 
> > Exactly what is the ratinale for those folders getting to be shortcuts?
> The rationale is consistency.

Consistency of what? I do not see any association between default created 
directories in the user's home and random links the user can place in a 

Unless the places links are meant to duplicate the home directory?
Because then Trash, network, root and mountable drives are in fact acting 
against the consistency and should be removed from there. Which again boils 
down to the fact that I think the only sensible implementation of this would 
involve splitting the places up into categories. Such as mountable drives, 
default places, user places.

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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