Kubuntu beta 1 candiadate images need testing

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Mar 18 10:23:35 GMT 2010

"Wesley Schwengle" <wesley at schwengle.net> wrote:

>Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>>> PS: isn't the upgrade suppose to work for both karmic=>lucid and
>>> 8.04=>10.04? then there should be a new test there in iso tracker.
>> Upgrades from hardy are not supported.
>Are you serious? I know Hardy was not LTS for the Kubuntu-devs, but this
>only involves the kubuntu-desktop packages (and other KDE related
>packages). The base system is the same as Xubuntu, Ubuntu, etc. Why
>should Kubuntu users upgrade to 9.10 from 8.04 and then to 10.04? On my
>Hardy box I only have "normal", "never" and "lts" options for upgrading,
>there is no "kde" option.
>Some Kubuntu users will not have received the message that 8.04 is not
>LTS for Kubuntu. I would expect that those users get the possibility to
>upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04. Or are you advising Hardy users which run
>KDE to remove the kubuntu-desktop package and then upgrade, and
>reinstall the Kubuntu-desktop package again?
>For example, I have several -desktop packages installed,
>(kubuntu/ubuntu/xubuntu), with your LTS exception, how would I need to
>upgrade from Hardy, which is still LTS according to lsb_release -a.

Not officially  supported is not the same as we don't care if it works.  We do want it to work for these exact reasons. It's just more of a best effort thing than a core supported use case.  I think the main impact is that Hardy -> Lucid upgrades in Kubuntu won't be in the official documentation. 

Scott K

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