Kubuntu beta 1 candiadate images need testing

Wesley Schwengle wesley at schwengle.net
Thu Mar 18 09:30:55 GMT 2010

Jonathan Riddell wrote:

>> PS: isn't the upgrade suppose to work for both karmic=>lucid and
>> 8.04=>10.04? then there should be a new test there in iso tracker.
> Upgrades from hardy are not supported.

Are you serious? I know Hardy was not LTS for the Kubuntu-devs, but this
only involves the kubuntu-desktop packages (and other KDE related
packages). The base system is the same as Xubuntu, Ubuntu, etc. Why
should Kubuntu users upgrade to 9.10 from 8.04 and then to 10.04? On my
Hardy box I only have "normal", "never" and "lts" options for upgrading,
there is no "kde" option.

Some Kubuntu users will not have received the message that 8.04 is not
LTS for Kubuntu. I would expect that those users get the possibility to
upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04. Or are you advising Hardy users which run
KDE to remove the kubuntu-desktop package and then upgrade, and
reinstall the Kubuntu-desktop package again?

For example, I have several -desktop packages installed,
(kubuntu/ubuntu/xubuntu), with your LTS exception, how would I need to
upgrade from Hardy, which is still LTS according to lsb_release -a.


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