testers needed for plasma-widget-networkmanagement

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Fri Mar 12 10:07:19 GMT 2010

On Thursday 11 March 2010 22:12:21 Richard JOHNSON wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 11:14:53PM +0000, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> [...]
> > You should now be able to use the plasmoid to connect to the network
> > and reply to this e-mail telling us how you got on.
> One thing I have to keep doing is the qdbus part after a reboot in order to
> see any wireless access points. Shouldn't this be automatic? 

No, I've explained the other emails to this thread why:

The reason for this is that it might get in the way of other clients to network-
manager, which we're avoiding in an experimental package. It'll be fixed before 
primetime (one liner in the kded module's .desktop file, as someone else has 
pointed out)

> Still doesn't work with hidden SSIDs (WPA2 in use).

There's a bug in the lower layers, which is on Will's list right now. Once that's 
fixed, I'll make it work in  the plasmoid.

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