PowerTOP: audio device active 100% of the time, how to file bug?

Alexander van Loon a.vanloon at alexandervanloon.nl
Mon Mar 1 13:05:51 GMT 2010

Please see this – https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/521424 – bug
report. To make a long story short: PowerTOP notices that one or two
audio devices are active 100% of the time, thus causing unnecessary
power consumption. However, this only occurred on Kubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu
9.10 wasn’t affected and had a significantly lower power consumption.
The problem is still present on Kubuntu Lucid, both with the standard
kernel and the 2.6.33 kernel. This was all tested with fresh

As you can read in my bug report, I spent quite some time researching
this and figuring out what was going on, but I still wasn’t sure for
which package I should file a bug report, and to whom it should be
assigned, exactly because only Kubuntu seems to be affected. The bug
report is a few weeks old now, without any response.

My question is, can anyone tell me to which person(s) I should bring
this bug to attention, and what information I should provide in my bug
report to help getting it fixed? 

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