Kubuntu Council: Vote on Alessandro Ghersi's Kubuntu Dev application

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 28 20:56:34 BST 2010

Am Montag, 28. Juni 2010, 21:36:25 schrieb Jonathan Thomas:
> Due to an uncertainty about quorum, a final decision was not reached on
> Alessandro Ghersi's Kubuntu Dev application. As moved in the meeting, I
> have pasted a link to a copy of Alessandro's interview and have deferred
> the rest of the voting to the mailing list, to be voted on by the result
> of the Kubuntu council. So far, there are 2 +1's from Harald any myself.
> The rest of the Kubuntu Council was not in attendance due to the fact that
> this was the longest freaking Kubuntu Council meeting ever. :P (4
> membership apps, a netsplit, spec review, and Alessandro's application)

Quorum is reached by at least 3/3 or majority of present:
"During the meeting the Kubuntu Developers will cast their votes and if quorum 
is reached (majority of those present and at least 3), will add the applicant 
to the team or ask to re-apply in due time." [1]

Supposedly this means that now that we have taken this to the mailing list 
majority of those casting a vote or 3/3.

[1] https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/KubuntuDevelopers

Also I do think that we had longer meetings already, I remember at least one 
where I got to bed at 200 hours and I think we started at 2200 hours, so... ;)

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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