No Ubuntu Gettext Domain for PPAs

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Tue Jun 22 20:24:37 BST 2010

As of pkg-kde-tools 0.9.2ubuntu2 (as uploaded a few minutes ago) there is an 
if condition that should prevent any sort of l10n actions outside of the 
Launchpad buildds. In particular it also prevents the l10n magic to kick in 
for PPA builds or anything that is not marked as PRIMARY (archive) build.

I kindly ask everyone to watch out for build problems that could be related to 
this change and mention them here. Technically however this should work just 
fine ;)

In a second stage I will also try to enhance this to not do l10n magic on kde-
l10n-* packages and in a third stage prevent it from kicking in for 
universe/multiverse builds.

Primary motivation for this is that I have an improvement to our desktop-file-
translation-handling scheduled that can be kept a lot simpler if we ensure 
that only those desktop files that actually use the appropriate gettext 
translations also have the gettext domain entry set. This clearly matches for 
example PPA backports we provide.
If we can ensure that only appropriate desktop files have the gettext domain 
set, overhead for desktop file translations will be as little as
> if (gettextDomainSet) {
>     setAPointer();
> }
and for the actual entry lookup
> if (pointer == 0) {
>     doRegularTranslationLookup();
> }
> ... else do gettext lookup ...

Otherwise we would have to add about 2 public interfaces (API enhancements) 
that add additional complexity and processing time in order to make in-
desktop-file translations get preferred over gettext translations, which is 
usually the case for backports.

And to throw some thoughts I only now had out there too:
* Supposedly we need to also prevent this from building for *-backports since 
those are not covered by Ubuntu translations either
* Does anyone know if *-updates are covered by Ubuntu translations or do we 
have to prevent building of l10n for those too?

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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