No working GUI

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Jun 22 14:48:43 BST 2010

I have installed the 10.10 alpha 1 this morning. Upon install it
booted fine, but after updating the system I cannot get a GUI. When I
boot the Kubuntu logo appears for about 10 seconds, then the screen
goes blank. The desktop never appears (the system is configured to
boot to the desktop without asking for a password, i.e. no KDM
screen). The whole filesystem (including /home) is on a single
partition and the home directory is not encrypted. In this state I can
pull up a virtual terminal and it works fine, but when I run startx I
get the message that X is already running.

Note also that Grub shows both the 2.6.34-4 and 2.6.34-5 kernels, with
the -4 kernel appearing as the first (and default) line. I did not
notice which kernel was installed before updating, but I find it
interesting that the lower version is above the higher version, and is
the default. The state described happens for both the -4 and -5

Dotan Cohen

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