Kubuntu Ports Status

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Mon Jun 14 18:20:29 BST 2010

We released Lucid with all ports except sparc in good shape. Since the sparc kernel is known not to work, even if we'd gotten KDE to build, it still wouldn't have helped. Of note, we released with a correctly sized and reasonably well tested powerpc live image. 

As is usual, the early part of the maverick cycle has raised some new challenges. Status:

armel: Broken - needs someone with hardware to sort out Qt  webkit symbols 

powerpc: Good - as of last night 4.4.85 and other Kubuntu packages are fully built 

ia64: Getting there - Only leaf packages left to build for 4.4.85 and no known issues that will prevent it getting there when the builders catch up.

sparc: Still dead - Will be dropped from the archive this cycle, don't waste time on it.

Scott K

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