Kubuntu Council Elections

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 7 10:43:20 BST 2010

The Kubuntu Council is a group of 6 Kubuntu Members who get to vote on
membership to Kubuntu Members and occationally other decisions
regarding Kubuntu.

Half the council recently came to the end of their 2 year appointment
so we need to hold elections for the open positions to the council.
This could be you!  If you are a Kubuntu Member and are willing to
turn up to kubuntu meetings as much as possible for the next couple of
years do consider putting your name forward.  

As well as being into Kubuntu I feel it's a good idea to have one or more council
members who have strong links with upstream KDE so if you are into
upstream do consider putting your name forward too.

To put your name forward make sure you update your wiki page then post
to this list.

You can also nominate someone else by posting to this list.  Might be
a good idea to chat to them first of course.

Closing date for nominations is in a week, so Monday 14 June.


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