Kapti, an experimentation on package installation/removal UI

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Tue Jun 1 15:00:47 BST 2010


Since I have lots of free time :), I played this weekend with an idea of
mine: a simple tool to install/remove packages.

The tool is named Kapti, this wiki page will let you learn more about it
and even install it:


What makes it a bit different than other tools is that it's a web-like
UI: you click links to install/remove packages or view the detailed
information of a package.

This is quite handy because for example the detailed information
presents the suggests/recommends list as links, so you can easily learn
more about a suggested package, click its "Install" link, then click the
"Back" button to return to the previous package you were reading about.

I do not intend to develop this as a competitor to KPackageKit and I
already talked with Daniel Nicoletti, the KPackageKit maintainer (who is
CC to this mail), about this. I see Kapti as an experiment on the UI,
something which maybe could be integrated in KPackageKit later (but
there is nothing precise right now).

I am interested in your feedback, especially regarding the fact that it
behaves a bit like a web browser.


DISCLAIMER: I created Kapti in my (ever shrinking) free time, Canonical
is not involved in it.

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