No Ubuntu Gettext Domain for PPAs - Final Stage

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Fri Jul 30 21:42:48 BST 2010

Due to a bit of a logical fail on my part I needed to revise the code
quite heavily.

In ubuntu7 the change would not have added and removed the ubuntu
gettext domain field from builds other than i386. Now since we
actually ship quite some packages where desktop files are not only
shipped in arch: all packages this would have made l10n fail. Hence I
just uploaded ubuntu9 which is supposed to implement the logical
properly (namely: do not create pot files and stuff on arches other
than i386 but keep on doing the gettext stuff [granted the other
conditions match]).

Should you have built KDE packages in main within the last day or so,
please upload a rebuild if no upload is expected to be necessary
within the next week or two.


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