meeting minutes

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at
Wed Jul 28 17:12:04 BST 2010

== KDE PIM ==

We plan to use KDE PIM 4.4.5 in Maverick

We would like use of gnupg and kleopatra packaging to be reviewed

We will look at Kolab's packages for KDE PIM 3.5 and consider putting
them into the archive

== Video ==

We will use Dragon in maverick

Kaffeine isn't suitable because it doesn't use phonon among other

We will look at VLC backend and frontend at the next UDS

== Message Indicator ==

We will enable the Message Indicator for Kopete, Quassel and
Konversation, but not KMail in maverick.

== Ubuntu Font ==

We will decide on including the Ubuntu Font as our default font when
it is publicly released

== web browser ==

We will revert to Konqueror for alpha 3 due to rekonq stability
problems.  rekonq 1.0 should work with KDE Platform 4.5 so we will
look at it again then.  Investigation of Konqueror + webkitkde would
be nice to find out what doesn't work in the config UI and elsewhere.

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