live CD boot process

Yuval Levy ubuntu08 at
Wed Jul 21 00:33:24 BST 2010

On July 20, 2010 12:36:34 pm Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> At one point in the Maverick cycle due to this change I was unable to run
> Ubuntu in a virtual machine environment due to it requiring a 3D card right
> away, haven't tried Ubuntu lately so don't know if the problem still
> exists.  Would be cautious going forward if that problem still exists.

The 10.4 Kubuntu CD hangs on a pretty standard nettop (Intel Atom mobo with a 
low end Radeon HD PCI video card). I had not found another way to install it 
other than removing the video card. 

> If you make this change please make sure it is done in time to update any
> documentation that refers to the livecd and how it functions.

Make sure the decision is a conscious and intentional one in all of its 
consequences.  If some hardware configurations or groups of users are being 
left behind, spare them the frustration of finding it out late in the 
download/burn/install process.

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