[kubuntu-devel] Re: Kaffeine 1.0 and Kubuntu

Markus Slopianka markus.s at kdemail.net
Wed Jul 21 00:05:30 BST 2010

On Monday 19 July 2010 17:59:04 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> VLC would be concievable but would need someone to review it for
> licencing issues and get it and all the build-deps through MIR.  It
> has a pretty ugly UI though. "Advanced Open File" yuck.

VLC can be compiled without MPEG and alike codecs. openSUSE's "Playground" 
repo proves it.
There is also a Phonon back-end which uses VLC's libraries. According to a 
post on Planet KDE a while ago, the Phonon VLC back-end is now the preferred 
If you follow that route, VLC libraries will be shipped with Kubuntu anyway. 
You may just as well ship VLC's GUI (which I like, btw).


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