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Roman Shtylman shtylman at
Mon Jul 19 17:01:45 BST 2010

I think we should just do what ubuntu does. Like Jonathan said, we
already have the support in ubiquity for this and the only reason we
don't already do what Ubuntu does is because for Lucid it was already
too late in the cycle to make the boot screen change. Realistically,
we don't need to be bothering the user with any choices until the
system has booted (assuming we can boot quickly). The system should
start without any user intervention imho.


On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 5:03 AM, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at> wrote:
> Ubuntu Desktop CDs from Lucid don't offer a CD boot menu but instead
> boot into X then show a dialogue (using Ubiquity) which lets you set
> the language and asks if you want to boot into a desktop or just run
> the installer.  This has accessibility problems so the CD boot menu
> displays a not very meaningful icon and if you press any key you get
> back to your traditional CD boot menu.
> Kubuntu didn't follow the above process for Lucid although our
> Ubiquity frontend does have the code for it.  The trouble with not
> following Ubuntu Desktop is that user support becomes more
> problematic, someone used to installing Ubuntu Desktop could have
> problems guiding someone through the Kubuntu install process over IRC
> or the like if the processes differ.
> I spoke with Celeste about this at Akademy and she came up with a
> compromise idea.  Keep the CD boot menu but change "Try kubuntu
> without installing" and "Install kubuntu" to..
> "Start Kubuntu" with a space below that to show that the other options
> (testing CD and memory) are of secondary importance.  No language
> selection needed at the CD boot menu, it is now obvious what to do
> even if you don't read English you can understand "Kubuntu".
> "Start Kubuntu" leads to ubiquity dialogue offering to install or to
> start live session and select language.
> This keeps us close to the Ubuntu Desktop process without taking away
> useful options.
> Also the black text should be changed to grey to fit in with the blue
> background colour.
> Any thoughts on that?
> Jonathan
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