Kaffeine 1.0 and Kubuntu

Ofir Klinger klinger.ofir at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 22:08:31 BST 2010

I, personally, think that Kaffeine can't be used as a default player.
Kaffeine subtitle support isn't intuitive and requires reading the FAQ on
the kaffeine website.
Good subtitle support is very important, especially for non-English

I think that SMPlayer should be used as the default Video Player. I think it
is the best video player I ever used.
It is easy to use, and at the same time enables advanced features like live
video-audio or audio-subtitles sync.
It supports all the media types Mplayer supports, which is a lot. And it is
written in Qt4!

On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 11:24 PM, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at ubuntu.com>wrote:

> Hi
> We're currently looking at whether Kaffeine 1.0 is suitable for
> inclusion in Kubuntu by default.  I have a few issues and wonder if
> you could comment.
> Firstly, it doesn't use Phonon.  This means (at least with Pulseaudio
> which most distros use now) that it doesn't follow the settings for
> audio output, so it doesn't work with my USB headphones.  Is there any
> way to fix that?  (It also means it will continue to use xine should
> distros ever start to use another Phonon backend.)
> Videos don't currently show when they start playing, I have to switch
> to the playlist tab and back to the playback tab.
> Finally, my pet dislike, a pointless systray icon, we can turn it off
> with a config option I hope but I'd like to hear the justification.
> It's also using the old KSystemTrayIcon class I see, that probably
> means Aurelien Gateau will be taking an axe to it to replace it with
> KStatusNotifierItem at some point.
> Jonathan
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