No Ubuntu Gettext Domain for PPAs - Stage 2

Harald Sitter sitter.harald at
Tue Jul 13 20:12:18 BST 2010

As promised in my previous mail about gettext domains I raised restrictions 
for l10n foo once more.

First things first though.

Scott and Rohan brought to my attention that digikam was not building, which 
was partially because the previous changes applied to pkg-kde-tools 
0.9.2ubuntu2 were bogus for dh7 only builds.
SO, EVERYONE: if you uploaded a dh7 only build of KDE software (that is 
everything that is not plain debhelper or CDBS) within the last 3 weeks, 
please reupload and get it built against 0.9.2ubuntu3, which should fix pot 

In particularly dh7 builds will now issue the following message if no l10n foo 
takes place:
"No primary archive build -> not generating l10n content."
CDBS based builds do not yet do this because I could not bring myself to look 
into how to do this, but I hope to add this next time.

0.9.2ubuntu3 now restricts l10n foo not only to PRIMARY archive builds (i.e.  
official ubuntu archive builds) but also to only those builds that target main 
or restricted.

Before anyone asks - this is not a problem because as we recently found out 
packages going from universe to main need to be rebuilt to create translation 
templates, because those created by universe builds currently get discarded 
right away. Seems to be an advantage now :P

Next will be the restriction to i386 builds only && exclusion of kde-l10n* 
builds. Then we should have 99% correct l10n magic and faster builds for 
universe, PPAs and kde-l10n. Also with my improve desktop-file patch from 
kde4libs this enables minimal overhead when trying to translate desktop files.

I like it when things fall into place :)

Please everyone keep watching for l10n issues that might be related to those 
changes in pkg-kde-tools.

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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