Ubuntu One KDE UI sort-of alpha1

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Sun Jul 11 13:40:39 BST 2010

Just a quick heads up. As of recently the PPA provides its own sync daemon 
package that is able to handle both kwallet and gnome-keyring. Therefore 
patching is no longer necessary.

If you have time please give this a good amount of testing (also using the 
gnome client). The changes I applied ontop of syncdaemon are now trying to be 
non-intrusive to the gnome-keyring side of things and I am planning on pushing 
it into the official packages soonish.

Technical rambling---

kcheckrunning is used to check whether we are running in a KDE session. We 
cannot use KDE_FULL_SESSION because dbus service invoked apps do not have a 
proper environment (syncd being started by dbus is affected by this). 
kcheckrunning however should be more reliable (at least it is used in startkde 

If KDE is running we will try to get the tokens from kwallet, if that fails we 
try to use gnomekeyring (covering the case where KDE is running but not 
ubuntuone-kde is used). If no KDE is running everything behaves as previously.

There is a particular concern that sometimes for me syncd got stuck, upon 
killing it spit out a backtrace to the assignment of "wallet". By painful 
trial and error I concluded that the problem is that the QCoreApplication is 
not destroyed once the function gets left, making kwallet fall over at a 
subsequent call to that function since it requires a QApp to use its 
QEventLoop but now got 2 QApps :/. That is supposedly fixed by first trying to 
get an existing instance (via the static interface 
QCoreApplication::instance()) and if that yields None we create an instance. 
Yet I am not entirely convinced that solved it properly. Also this is sort of 
ugly. So I was thinking about a helper cpp app that would try to get the 
token, which would get called by syncd. From looking at the code you will 
notice that it really is a major uglyness as it is.

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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