little list of proposal for maverick from kubuntu italian users

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Thu Jul 1 14:47:24 BST 2010

On Thursday 01 July 2010 02:11:36 Tres Finocchiaro wrote:
> I don't have much to add except, the group at Ubuntu-it have excellent
> constructive criticism, and I find these back-and-fourth conversations are
> absolutely excellent.
> > Is there a reason button text must only be a single  line?

Wrapped short text is harder to read, so yes.

> The growing trend seems to be to eliminate as much text as possible from
> the interface.  It puzzles me that in 2010, interfaces such as Dolphin
> still need to spell out the words "Back" and "Forward", or that Layout
> buttons such as Icons, Details, Columns, Split would be 80% of a Dolphin
> toolbar.

The goal is not to fit as many buttons as possible onto the toolbar. I 
personally find it quite nice to have larger hitareas (icons + text). If you 
need more space, disable the text, put the text below the icon, make the icon 
smaller... I wouldn't recommend that though, having more than 7 buttons 
usually defeats the purpose of a toolbar -- quick scanning, finding and access 
to most-used options.
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