Wish: replace mplayerthumbs with kffmpegthumbnailer

Andreas Scherf scherfa at web.de
Wed Jan 27 22:44:04 GMT 2010

we talked about this topic and peter penz (dolphin) told me that this is 
a packaging thing. Adter that i asked in the kubuntu devel list. 
I'm very happy with the kffmpegthumbnailer at the moment. Its really fast and 
i think it could be a nice option for kde as well. It boosts large video  
thumbnail collections, where mplayer thumbs are very slow.
If there is a need i could try to integrate this thumbnailer into trunk in the 
next week. Would it be better to replace mplayer thumbnailing or
having 2 video thumbnailer side by side?


Am Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010 schrieb Sebastian Kügler:
> On Monday 18 January 2010 19:20:27 Andreas Scherf wrote:
> > The mplayer videothumbnails in dolphin are very slow at the moment.
> > I installed kffmpegthumbnailer and after that, the video thumbnails were
> > created very fast. It would be nice to have kffmpegthumbnailer as default
> > videothumbnailer in kde as default option. I did not want tot wait
> > minutes to display thumbnails in folders which have > 20 videos inside.
> Looks interesting. Do you know if someone ever attempted to merge it
> upstream? It would certainly be nice to have this functionality available
> in KDE, rather than in Kubuntu only.
> This would also make the decision and maintainance problem inside Kubuntu
> easier.

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