IRC Council Access.

Jussi Schultink jussi01 at
Mon Jan 25 09:23:20 GMT 2010

Hi All,

I'm writing to the list as per asked to at the last Kubuntu meeting, with
regard to +votiAf access for the IRC Council in #kubuntu-devel. As was
discussed at UDS, the Ubuntu IRC Council is changing the way access is
handled in the main ubuntu channels to a way that makes things a lot easier
to manage.

This includes the use of Launchpad teams and a core operator team, as
suggested by the SABDFL in one of our sessions - you can see more how it
works here:

To achieve this, we need the the access for so the bot can add operators and
the IRCC can act in emergencies.

The Kubuntu Council will be added as an admin for the launchpad team, so no
functionality is lost for the Kubuntu team - indeed this should make things
easier for you.

This does not meant that there will be any major changes to the way
#kubuntu-devel is currently run, or any unnecessary interference from the
IRC council.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and we will attempt
to answer them as best we can. You can grab us by email, or find us on IRC,
and most of us in #kubuntu-devel.

Our IRC nicks, for reference, are jussi01, Pici, tsimpson, nhandler and


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