kffmpegthumbnailer - call for testing

Ofir Klinger klinger.ofir at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 16:13:18 GMT 2010

As I already said (in the previous discussion), kffmpegthumbnailer was
unable to generate thumbnails for some videos which then caused:
1. Massive CPU usage (until the folder was closed)
2. It looks like it loads the thumbnails one by one. When it encounters a
video which it cannot generate thumbnail for, it just stops loading the rest
of the thumbnails in that directory.


 I think that it the thumbnailer stuck at the Generate stage, and if it
happens for video file 5 out of 10, then it will prevent from displaying the
thumbnails for the rest.

2010/1/21 Michał Zając <michal.zajac at gmail.com>

>  Hi!
> So it was recently suggested that we could replace mplayerthumbs with
> kffmpegthumbnailer which is faster, lighter and better. Now I have created
> upgraded packages for ffmpegthumbnailer and kffmpegthumbnailer (WTF is with
> so
> damn long name?) I need someone besides me to test it and report any
> problem
> with the application or package itself. You can grab it from my PPA which
> is
> available under: https://launchpad.net/~quintasan/+archive/ppa
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> Michał Zając
> xmpp: quintasan at ubuntu.pl
> blog: http://quintasan.blogspot.com
> identi.ca http://identi.ca/quintasan
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