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Sat Jan 23 13:43:43 GMT 2010

Am Samstag, 23. Januar 2010 04:14:10 schrieb Richard JOHNSON:
> Kubuntu is to small to triage is another very bad excuse. KDE may be
> larger, but it isn't large enough to throw resources at bugs which may very
> well be valid. Only a few projects in KDE are triaging bugs rather quickly,
> while there are still bugs filed from Kubuntu 3 and 4 years ago that
> haven't been touched, even though the software has been updated many times
> since the reports.

KDE is not one team doing all and everything, but loads of smaller teams doing 
all parts of everything, making it more efficient no matter how you look at it.

Anyhow. Yes. This is part of the reasoning [1]. Kubuntu watches over some 50 
source packages' bugs, making up for probably > 150 applications, and when I 
say Kubuntu in that context I mean Jonathan Thomas, because he is about the 
only person doing bug triage at the rate necessary to prevent all reports for 
those 150 apps from rotting away.

Of course KDE does not have unlimited resources. But let's assume a user finds 
a crash in kwrite, an app we do not ship by default, so the need of instant 
triage is lower than usual, yet it gets reported against kdebase.
At this point it all depends on whether Jonathan or someone else decides that 
it is triage worthy or not. If they do not (which is probably the case since 
kwrite is not part of the default install), then the report does
a) clot the kdebase reports
b) prevent upstream from fixing a bug
c) appears as if Kubuntu did not care

This is the case up to the point where a triage squad comes by and happens to 
triage all of kdebase so the bug can move along, by which time it will either 
be fixed or already reported upstream anyway.

The ratio of Kubuntu-only bugs is so horribly low that it simply does not 
justify letting hundreds of bugs rot in malone, which from a user perspecitve 
does not put good light on Kubuntu nor KDE.

Ultimately all reports would go to launchpad, but that implies that we have 
the resources to pipe them through or get them triaged in a sensible time 
frame, which is not the case.

So we can continue arguing about how it should be done, but unless we all get 
a triage rate to compete with Jonathan's, I do not think that we have really 
any say.

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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