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Sat Jan 23 13:18:55 GMT 2010

Am Samstag, 23. Januar 2010 05:16:47 schrieb Roman Shtylman:
> hmm... I see... I thought they were moving to have the full source
> tree in launchpad and use that for the building?
> I have some changes/tweaks to my kdebase/libs which I wanna keep in
> ppa or something and am just looking for the right approach to doing
> that :) so that tracking my changes isn't a pain... currently I use
> git to manage my stuff.

Well, unless you want to track against KDE trunk, you'd go like this:
create proper quilt patches of the changes and track those in a branch of the 
regular packaging branch.
Quilt, being a super superior patch solution, doesn't add a lot of overhead 
for updates.
Using tools such as bzr-buildpackage you can then create proper debian source 
packages from that.

There are several implications that make full-source branches a super PITA for 
KDE. Most importantly, since KDE consits of large meta source packages, the 
revision history of one branch grows extremely fast, which would quite soon 
make it impossible to work on those branches without super fast intarwebs 
access (the larger the history the longer the initial branching takes...). So 
we decided to not use full-source branches until there is a way to ensure that 
even those with very slow internet access can still work on the branches.

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