Wish: replace mplayerthumbs with kffmpegthumbnailer

Andreas Scherf scherfa at web.de
Mon Jan 18 21:56:25 GMT 2010

Too bad. I did not have those problems. I only got the speed up. But maybee we 
could change kffmpegplugin to check if a thumb was created or not. Or is that a 
ffmpeg problem? would be cool if the thumbnailer could check this case.
But i think on large video collections (youtube ;-) this plugin is a great 


Am Montag, 18. Januar 2010 schrieben Sie:
> Works great. It really makes the video browsing experience more fun.
> But I noticed that for some videos, the thumbnailer can't make thumbs. This
> causes kio_thumbnail to stuck and use a lot of CPU.
> Those "bad" videos play fine with smplayer and it seems that there is
> no difference between those videos and other ones which have thumbs.
> I counted and there are 4 bad videos, and I can't distinguish them from the
> other good videos.

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