(Kubuntu 10.04) Memory usage unreasonable high?

Richard JOHNSON nixternal at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 15 20:21:36 GMT 2010

I fired up Kubuntu, opened Konqueror, Kate, and Konsole. Browsed a couple
of websites, in kate I wrote hello world and saved, in Konsole I compiled
hello world and ran it, then ran free.

Total          Used          Free
1999           1011          988

Then I fired up Ubuntu on this same machine, opened Firefox, gedit, and
terminal, and did the same exact things, and got an interesting output from

Total          Used          Free
1999           1101          898

Look at used, it is used from Kubuntu just reversed. That was kind of cool,
sorry if you didn't find it interesting :)  I am willing to bet the 1101
from Ubuntu is more than likely because of Firefox.

Here is an even cooler thing, never take these numbers at face value
because of the way the kernel allots memory.

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