mobile broadband connections with plasma-widget-networkmanagement

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Jan 14 18:42:30 GMT 2010

> On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 06:21:33PM +0100, Christian Mangold wrote:
>> mobile broadband connections seem to be broken with the plasma-widget-
>> networkmanagement in 9.10 and probably also with our devel release. This
>> problem is caused by a bug in knetworkmanager:
>> Where is the right place to publish this workaround and is there a way
>> to
>> solve this problem using kubuntu-default-settings in some way?
> The best place to publish the workaround is anywhere people can find
> it, the most obvious one I can think of would be on our bug report in
> launchpad for this upstream bug (open one if it doesn't exist).
> The longer term answer is to [find someone to] fix the bug and
> backport the fix as a SRU.
> Jonathan

In the mean time (with no answer) I suggested Christain wikify it and it
lives here:

This came in handy as recent as today.  I do think this ought to be
release noted until it's fixed.

Scott K

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