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Mon Jan 11 12:10:18 GMT 2010

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On Jan 5, 2010, at 8:32 PM, Roman Shtylman wrote:

> I think that will completely break down at smaller sizes and the
> border will begin to bleed into the icon itself. Have you tried
> rendering it at the various sizes? making sure to go down to 22x22?
> Some people like really small panels.

In addition to this I do not think it is a good idea to use a solid  
colored bg for the icon. It makes the semi-transparent panel look  
kinda poor on different colored bg's. (I realize that adding a solid  
bg makes it much easier to make the gears look nice)

I have tried various times to make a kubuntu logo which would work  
well at small sizes and I have to admit that it is almost impossible.  
The small parts of the gears are simply too small at that size to be  
noticeable and crisp. Either they don't look like gears but are  
somewhat crisp or they are gears and blurry ;(

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> I don't want to overdo it with the icon. It doesn't need to scream out
> at you... just sit there nicely and wait for you to acknowledge it
> when you need to. I kinda think the background of that one makes it
> too dark... something is off about it.
> ~Roman
> On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 1:49 PM, Francisco T. <leviatan1 at>  
> wrote:
>> I have another icon:
>> I have the original svg file.
>> If somebody wants it, I don't know about icon design, but it could  
>> be a start.
>> --
>> Francisco T.
>> El Sábado 02 Enero 2010 18:00:39 Roman Shtylman escribió:
>>> My concern with a drop shadow is that it doesn't work as well  
>>> with the
>>> default theme (and even other themes) as well as the white glow.  
>>> I do
>>> agree that the gears are very difficult at small sizes and wonder if
>>> it would be acceptable to just use circles for this one usage...  
>>> but I
>>> don't know whether that is allowed or whatnot. Also, I think that  
>>> most
>>> people mentally know the small circles are gears and maybe aren't
>>> bothered that they look a tad fuzzy cause of it?
>>> If the general idea is liked we should deff propose several icon
>>> options and evaluate which one we feel works best.
>>> ~Roman
>>> On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 10:26 PM, Tres Finocchiaro
>>> <fatbuttlarry at> wrote:
>>>> Roman,
>>>> Thanks for the screenshot.
>>>> I do not think the Kubuntu icon looks good at small sizes, and  
>>>> therefor I
>>>> do not think it can easily be made to look good for the K button.
>>>> I think this is because at small sizes, the small gears look  
>>>> like blurred
>>>> snowflakes, which makes the icon difficult to distinguish at  
>>>> small sizes.
>>>> In this case Roman has added an outer glow to the logo to increase
>>>> contrast around the edges of the logo.  I feel strongly that  
>>>> outer glow
>>>> should be used in moderation, and in this case I do not think it
>>>> compliments the polished look of the AIR or Oxygen desktop themes.
>>>> I will suggest (although off-topic) using a logo that does not  
>>>> use the
>>>> gears in such a small instance.  Of course, I think this  
>>>> wouldn't fly as
>>>> it is not the official logo.
>>>> However, I think a modified version of the original logo would  
>>>> be much
>>>> more distinguishable as a K button, similar to the polished look  
>>>> of the
>>>> gnome's Ubuntu button. (Notice the small drop-shadow used in the  
>>>> Ubuntu
>>>> screenshot and no outer glow).
>>>> -Tres
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