mobile broadband connections with plasma-widget-networkmanagement

Christian Mangold neversfelde at
Sun Jan 10 17:21:33 GMT 2010


mobile broadband connections seem to be broken with the plasma-widget-
networkmanagement in 9.10 and probably also with our devel release. This 
problem is caused by a bug in knetworkmanager:

This issue is also present in other distributions, see:

After someone wanted support for a not working mobile connection in #kubuntu-
netbook, Scott suggested to mention the following workaround somewhere:

First edit ~/.kde/share/apps/networkmanagement/connections/<connection> and 
replace the 0 for MTU and MRU with 1440. After that services needs to be 
restarted and mobile broadband connections are, at least for me and the user 
in #kubuntu-devel working again.

Where is the right place to publish this workaround and is there a way to 
solve this problem using kubuntu-default-settings in some way?

Regards Christian

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