I would like the councils to vote on my membership

Steve Stalcup stalcups at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 05:37:37 GMT 2010

On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 5:39 PM, Celeste Lyn Paul <celeste at kde.org> wrote:

>> I feel by scrutinizing facebook/Twitter posts cross the line.  I accept full
>> resposability for what I posted on the planet. I will not accept
>> facebook/Twitter- those are opt in services and are in no way connected to
>> this project.  After our little scuffle, Tony and I made up - believe it or
>> not my Mom-in-law is a multigenerarional Canadian- and her family has been
>> there since it was settled
>> Like I said in mij iirc post- at the end of the day, we are poeple helping
>> people.  I resigned because of the roumers about my posts - no one contacted
>> me directly to say "whao Steve, bit harsh there eh?  I would have loved to
>> get a ping like that
>> As for the reason of my frustration, it's freenode and christel.  I was
>> angry during or pm, so was she, I took a cheap shot at me, I took one back-
>> and by freenode standard she was wrong to do so,
>> For weeks I tried to communicate to her to no avail, hence the email - which
>> I shoul not have posted
> the thing about open source communities is that they are not
> restricted or separated by technology -- they are essentially
> borderless. i will not disregard objectionable behavior which can
> affect the health of the kubuntu community or its members on a
> highly-visible and highly-used medium like facebook or twitter.
> kubuntu is a community project and is not limited to the monetary
> boundaries of what canonical chooses to officially support.

Where in any charter either Ubuntu CC, or Kubuntu CC does it state
what "oppinions" I may state?
They were opinions, and nothing more.  Some over the top, yes, but
most were satire.  Mrs. Councilwoman, would you please provide
documentation pertaining to Ubuntu on Twiitter/Facebook/ or identica?

>  this doesn't mean you can't object against technical decisions as long as
> it is done in a constructive and useful way (rants and other types of
> bashing do not usually count as constructive by most people). there is
> also no excuse for inappropriate attacks against persons in the
> community on *any* medium. if you feel that you cannot restrain
> yourself from such personal attacks then perhaps reapplying for
> membership is not for you.

You are obviously a smart person,  I am not, I'm just a thinker.  I
think that there will be no mention of twitter of identica or facebook
anywere in any document (check timestamp now)

This brings up another issue.  If the council, or members of the
council were so concerned with the type of posts I was makeing, why
didn't I hear anything about it until I get kicked off?

Ususally, in the REAL world - People are given verbal, writen, final
writen, then termination.

Thanks for skipping to the end with me WITH ZERO FEEDBACK FROM THE
KUBUNTU COUNCIL OR COMMUNITY,  I would have happily changed my style.
But that's water under the bridge now,

The Kubuntu Council has proven is uselessness when it comes to
conterversy - no trying to save the sole - just get rid of them.  I
had somethere over 500 uploads with kubuntu - i'm sure you'll find
someone to replace me

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