default kde menu icon

Roman Shtylman shtylman at
Fri Jan 1 21:54:29 GMT 2010

Yes, I am gonna drag this dead horse up one more time so we can kill it again :)

Just as the KDE project feels that branding is important to them,
likewise Kubuntu should feel the same way. I know that we have
constantly prided ourselves on shipping upstream KDE, and that doesn't
need to change. But lets not kid ourselves. The small tweaks we make
to the default settings are part of what make Kubuntu... well Kubuntu.
And getting that image across is half the battle. That isn't to say
that we should be annoying in our advertising of Kubuntu, but I do
think that we should have at least the logo their by default (and not
just in the boot up sequence). A logo is a very strong thing. It is
what most people associate with your image and we want to have a good
image :)

I know we included the alternate kde menu icon in the last cycle and I
think that was a great thing. I modified it a bit and am currently
using it to see how it works with various backgrounds. It aims to be
simple and not obtrusive. Clearly the users of our distro will know
that they are using Kubuntu...and will learn that they are using KDE,
but what we want (imho) is for people to see a user on their computer
and go... wow... what is that (referring to the awesomeness of kde)
and then see the Kubuntu icon and make the association to Kubuntu.

If we choose not to change the default icon :( :( we should look at
keeping the alternate icon for those users that do venture to change
defaults and might happen upon ours :)

Try it yourself:



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