Kubuntu 10.04 will be LTS but it is ready for that

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Fri Feb 26 11:15:41 GMT 2010

"Pan Shi Zhu" <pan.shizhu at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> Is that the truth? my knowledge is that most people download the SP3
>>> from internet and upgrade from their XP SP2. few people format their
>>> SP2 and reinstall with SP3 with new CD.
>> But if you go to install to begin with after SP3 is out, you don't get a non-
>> SP CD and then spend 40 hours downloading updates, right?  So for people who
>> switch to Kubuntu in 2011 and want an LTS so they get 10.04... having 10.04's
>> CD will mean having to download *many* more updates than having a 10.04.2 CD.
>For ubuntu it is much different:
>1. there is no "shipit" program for point-release-cds, you'll have to
>download them. download a new cd isn't faster than download from
>repository, since local repository mirrors often does not provide cd
>2. debian has 42cds and ubuntu cd is equivalent to debian cd1. When
>you got point-release-cds for kubuntu you still have to download some
>applications in other 41 cds. Believe it or not, I haven't met a
>single person who does not need to install any additional packages
>after installed kubuntu cd. You download packages from repository and
>you'll need a fast mirror anyway, and when you have a fast mirror it
>takes less than 2 hours instead of 40+ hours for your update.
>If I have a 8.04.0 stock cd I can install it, then I can upgrade
>8.04.0 to 8.04.3 in 2 hours, which isn't much longer than download a
>8.04.3 cd (which takes more than 1 hour).
>3. ubuntu is updating everyday and you'll always need to upgrade, even
>if you provide a 10.04.1 point-release-cd at 2010.09 you still have to
>download lot's of upgrades if you install ubuntu 10.04.1 in 2011.02.
>---- The point-release-cd isn't quite useful IMO, a daily-build-cd
>like debian-testing-cd is much more useful, since the daily-build-cd
>always contains the newest update and really saves your time.

It's not about eliminating the need to install/update via the internet, but reducing it.  If that's not important to you, fine,  but it is important today others. 

Scott K

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