Kubuntu 10.04 will be LTS but it is ready for that

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 03:21:12 GMT 2010

On Thursday 25 February 2010 10:07:06 pm Pan Shi Zhu wrote:
> > The biggest practical advantage we get from LTS is point updates to the
> > Kubuntu ISO images.   Your assessment of the situation with the
> > repositories is dead on IMO.
> It seems like you're talking, when Windows XP sp3 released, most
> people will reinstall their windows from a Windows XP SP3 cd, instead
> of just upgrade from their XP SP2.
> Is that the truth? my knowledge is that most people download the SP3
> from internet and upgrade from their XP SP2. few people format their
> SP2 and reinstall with SP3 with new CD.

But if you go to install to begin with after SP3 is out, you don't get a non-
SP CD and then spend 40 hours downloading updates, right?  So for people who 
switch to Kubuntu in 2011 and want an LTS so they get 10.04... having 10.04's 
CD will mean having to download *many* more updates than having a 10.04.2 CD.

Mackenzie Morgan
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