Fwd: Kubuntu 10.04 will be LTS but it is ready for that

Tomasz Czapiewski xeros at irc.pl
Thu Feb 25 19:07:05 GMT 2010

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010, TRINGALINVENT at libero.it wrote:

>> Forwarded from kubuntu-users
>> Those who have been around long enough remember the discussion around
>> the last Long Term Support release. Ubuntu 8.04 is LTS whereas Kubuntu
>> 8.04 is not, the difference being that it was deemed unsupportable to
>> have an LTS with KDE 3.5 as base when KDE 4 was "almost released".
>> Now we see the coming release of 10.04 going to be Kubuntu LTS. I assume
>> with KDE SC 4.4 as "base" and from what I see of those trying it out at
>> the moment there are some really major headaches with Akonadi, Nepomuk
>> and KDE-PIM.
>> So my query is: is it the right time to go LTS? There will have to be
>> some really good upgrade "scripts" for users of KDE-PIM with
>> distributionslists, many resources etc in order for them to make the
>> proper choices. As I understand it... I am just a fairly techie user.
>> Would it maybe be better to wait for SC 4.5 with, hopefully, more of
>> those issues fixed?
>> And will it be possible to go 8.04 to 10.04? A question since I support
>> some 10+ desktops still on 8.04, then I have a few on 9.10 who will NOT
>> want to find they lost all their Contacts, lists etc.
>> This is more a "any opions welcome" than "support-query" I guess but
>> having some 2 months left to release some answers would be good. Or
>> plain opinions or ideas or...
>> kind regards
>> Sinclair
> Well, seems to me that a great part of KDE works fine: Kde-Pim applications don't have many problems. Only Nepomuk is not really good: sometimes strigi (and soprano) gives problems and block the system. It's a rare case but, in effect, if we want to make 10.04 an LTS release it will be safer to disable Nepomuk and Strigi (obiously if the user wants, he can enable them).
> The other parts of KDE are good, and I think there are no other problems. Kubuntu is ready for LTS.

Regarding to Nepomuk, Strigi, Soprano and Akonadi problems...
I was having big problems with all of them in my Kubuntu 9.10 install 
after upgrade to KDE 4.4 beta, rc and later final.
I've had to remove Nepomuk and Akonadi databases and install Virtuoso 
server and backend for Soprano to make it work but now...
Since I've done it I have no problems with every of these 
applications/services. Everything works just fine on Kubuntu 9.10+KDE 4.4 
and I use it everyday on three machines (i386 and amd64 architectures).
One of the machines had clean Kubuntu 9.10 install and later upgrade to 
KDE 4.4 final and has no problems, too (one this one machine I haven't 
tested Akonadi - no need to use KDE-PIM there).

So I suppose all the problems might have it's begining in upgrade from KDE 
4.3.x to 4.4 or configuration of those services.
Is there anyone who has problems with Nepomuk, Strigi and Akonadi on clean 
install of Kubuntu Lucid?


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