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Yiannis Belias jonnyb at hol.gr
Tue Feb 9 18:01:32 GMT 2010

Hi, all!
  Well, I want to contribute to KDE, too. But really, is not running trunk (or a 4.x branch)
the only realistic approach? Or am I missing something?
Incidentally, I have been trying the last 2 days to build trunk on my Kubuntu Karmic.
So, I decided to go and document the process using the Kubuntu DocBook xml.
You can find the html output page here: http://www.orionas.org/playground/prepare.html
As you can see, I run into quite a few problems and only been able to build qt and kdesupport
so far. Maybe I'd better try on lucid.
  IMHO, there should be an easy way for someone to setup a KDE build environment in Kubuntu,
at least for the currently supported branch (eg. 4.3 for Karmic). An official tasksel and
custom made kdesvn-buildrc config would be all that's needed, right? I could take this up as my
little contribution for Lucid.
OTOH, trunk is another story. It's a moving target, but maybe we could use build-tool
(a ruby script which is made for that kind of purpose http://michael-jansen.biz/build-tool)
to install packages not currently in the repos and KDE itself.
So, what do you think?


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