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Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 12:58:22 GMT 2010

On Monday 08 February 2010 7:26:22 am Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Saturday 06 February 2010 21:12:47 Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> > On Saturday 06 February 2010 2:52:48 pm Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> > > I posted this on Jono's blog as well.  It looks like more and more is
> > >
> > >  going GNOME only on the Ubuntu developer end.  Ground Control and
> > >Project would be great for Kubuntu and might help newbies contribue and
> > >help deal with the flood of bugs we have
> >
> > And Lernid?  Jono told Rich that having a KDE version of Lernid would
> > just confuse users so don't release one...after Rich had it written and
> > working.
> I'm rather impressed. Not in a positive way, though. If Ubuntu doesn't want
>  it, you can get it into KDE, it's probably a good fit in kdesdk, or maybe
>  kde-edu, otherwise, extragear can surely host it (and you'll still be able
>  to have it "automatically released" with the rest of KDE SC.

Rich already deleted all the code he had :(  (see #kubuntu-devel logs from 23 

Mackenzie Morgan
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